Raman Spectroscopy, Raman Microscope From Vac TechnicheRaman Spectroscopy, Raman Microscope From Vac Techniche

Raman Microscope

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Microscope From Vac Techniche

Sample analysis using the inelastic scattering (Raman Scattering) of the monochromatic light from our on-board laser, having a range of Visable, near infrared wavelengths.
Photonic interaction with molecular and/or atomic vibrations provides an photon energy shift, the deflected light is processed using our Emerald Spectrometer, providing high resolution spatial integrity.
Our compact benchtop imaging is designed specifically as a multi-discipline scientific analysis instrument

The most common applications include

    • Nanotechnology.
    • Geological
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Polymers
    • Forensic
    • Surface Analysis
    The open and flexible system design provides the ability to analysis samples without any sample preparation, having the optical microscope provides the facility to easily identify important areas for analysis.
Scanning Probe Microscope AFM/STM modes in one systemScanning Probe Microscope AFM/STM modes in one system

Scanning Probe Microscope ( AFM/STM modes in one system)

Scanning Probe Microscope

AFM/STM modes in one system

Featuring an innovative ergonomic design and advanced electronics, our Scientific Microscope delivers atomic-scale resolution for the cost, the price is perhaps the most surprising feature and make this microscope even more attractive.
Our Educational model makes it an ideal choice for education as well as research, The NAMA-SPM offers educators an exceptional microscope for their students with this powerful SPM/AFM-STM techniques.

Atomic Force Microscope Features

  • Constant Force: constant Height option: Zero contact: Semi Contact:
Force Spectroscopy
  • LFM: Lateral Force: MFM: Magnetic Force: MFM: Magnetic Force: PDM: Phase Detection: FMM: Force Modulation

STM mode

Constant Height: Constant Current

Educational model

Scanning tunneling Microscope

Especially designed and manuctured for the Educationa areas of research, Robust, flexible and easy to understand. A great aid for the lecturer and learning facilitator to aid the exporation of the atomic world, with image of atoms, nanosctructures, Nano-morphology fo conductiong surfaces.
RF Cleaning and Sample Preparation from Vac TechnicheRF Cleaning and Sample Preparation from Vac Techniche

RF Cleaning and Sample Preparation

RF Cleaning and Sample Preparation from Vac Techniche

Introducing a compact Desktop sample plasma cleaning unit form Bdiscom.

Bdiscom are known for their activity in the RF power generation, proving Sputtering RF generators and matching units, DC power supplies for Glow Discharge, Ion gun supply generators, and now, using their combined years of experience, they are successfully manufacturing desktop plasma cleaning Matrix systems that can easily be controlled and used without previous experience in this field.

Available in two sizes


The Bdiscom plasma reactor includes all the required functions to allow the process to be stable and repeatable, which provides a sound reason to include this into research and industrial applications.

The robust design makes this device for the industrial process of Photo-resist Ashing, Sample preperation, Oxide removal and many more.

A key advantage of this system is the design of the internal sub assemblies being manufactured inhouse to fir the applciuation of the end user, Bdiscom offer a design alterteration service to ensure that the final product is best suited for the intended application.

This approach has proven over the years to be a unique forward thinking method of working with each end user, Bdiscom will take the time to understand the application, and provide a system to match.

The system comprises of a vacuum chamber, in-house designed and manufactured RF generators and variable inductor tuner integrated in the chamber

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