A4 Thermal release Tape for Graphene/2D protection

CVD Growth high purity copper foil Protection

A4 Thermal release Graphene protection Tape

Vac Techniche provides the complete after synthesis solutions for protection and storage.

After the Graphene has been grown on the copper, there is a requirement for protection of the graphene layer against abrasion. Although the bonding force between the copper/graphene interface is Van de Waals, by definition, this is not a chemical bond such as valent or co-valent, which makes the graphene layer susceptible to buckling or folding, both of which are not desired. In addition, the newly prepared graphene is also reactive with the Oxygen and moisture in the air.

To help resolve these problems, low adhesive A4 thermal release tape is used.

The releasing temperature is 90ºC. allowing a clean release without contamination or distortion of the copper or Graphene layer.