Cathode Arc Process Generator


BDISCOM Arc Generation for Cathode Arc Processes\(Plasma generation)

BDISCOM are based in Italy, and are recognised as a primary supply for RF and DC power supplies, there range of product and the flexible approach to customers specific requirements, makes BDISCOM a primary tier one supplier to OEM’s world wide.
BDISCOM Arc Generation for Cathode Arc Processes require reliable high performance, high current DC power supplies with advanced circuitry producing efficiency greater than 90%.
The DC power supply is designed to fit within a standard 19 inch case, making it ideal for rack design and stand alone systems, Light weight and compactness is a key advantage, having 178mm height, allows upto 6 units in single cabinet, CAE, being a typical application, with a rectangle CAE source the advanced efficient circuitry allows a total power dissipation of only 400 Watts.
Forced Air cooling, over efficient oversized heatsinks and variable speed fans, allows system design to have a flexible approach, with no water cooling, and proved operation in extreme conditions, the Units are proving to be an asset and a DC power supply of choice to our end users and OEM’s.
The BDS-ARC150/250 DC generator produces and output up to 150Amps or 250Amps output, having a flexible interface option of Profibus(optional), RS232 and Analog users port.