Thermal CVD Graphene Growth Systems

CVD Graphene Growth Systems

Planartech Graphene growth system

PlanarGROW range of thermal CVD Graphene Growth systems, are flexible instruments for the Growth and doping of Graphene.
Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) growth can also be achieved using the Planargrowth Systems with a small degree of adjustment.
Planartech, having over 50 systems worldwide, have installations with most of the key research institutions.
The thermal CVD system design is a horizontal reaction tube with gas inputs, temperature control, gas flow, vacuum and pressure, writable recipe and process storage, controlled with labview allowing remote access.
Flexibility of the system design to accommodate our customers is proving to be of great benefit, allowing researchers to request additional functionalities such as:
  • Single Reaction tube.
  • Dual Reaction tube.
  • Single Crystal Growth.
  • High Pressure facility.
  • Inductive Capacitance Plasma.
  • Square wave input into RF generator.
  • decreased gas cracking temp using RF Plasma.

There are three standard system configurations (planarGROW-2B, planarGROW-4S, and planarGROW-6E) providing a foundation for our customers to add their specific requirements.


  • Research.
  • industrial production of Single layer graphene.
  • Sensor research
  • Bio-medical research
  • electrical contact enhancement.
  • Multiple layer devices
  • Gold sputtering.
  • Multi sample coating.


  • Linear Process CVD (LPCVD)
  • Quartz Tube
  • Split furnace
  • rapid sample cooling
  • Rapid data input.
  • User friendly software.
  • Accurate Control of growth rate.
  • Manual Control option .
  • individual recipe storage
  • remote access
  • one year
  • CE conformity


Quartz or Al2O3 Furnace tube.

  • Furnace tube sizes, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm 125mm and 150mm.
  • >Heater: Kanthal Wire with glass wool moulding
  • nominal max working temp 1100C
  • Minimum of 3 MFC’s, options of addition 3 more.
    • Hydrogen (H2), 100sccm
    • Methane (CH4), 200sccm
    • Argon (Ar): 1,000sccm
  • Pressure control
    • Convection Gauge Controller
    • Capacitance Manometer
    • Motor-Geared Throttle Valve
    • Pressure & Flow Controller
  • Vacuum pumps
    • Rotary or Dry pump
    • Turbo pump
  • System control
    • Windows PC
    • Labview
  • Safety
    • Water pressure sensors
    • Screen and audible alarm
    • Interlock
  • Average Dimensions and Utilities
    • Footprint: 1.75m (W) x 1.60m (H) x 0.75m (D)
    • Weight: ~200kg
    • Power: 220V, 50/60Hz, 3Φ, 4-wire, 30A
    • Air: 4-5kgf/cm2
    • Water: 2-3kgf/cm2..where required


Options and Accessories

  • Furnace tube material and size options
  • Replacement Quartz Furnace tubes
  • Inner Quartz tubes
  • Copper foil

Installation and Training

  • On site and remote training provided.
    • System price included Installation.
    • System price includes on-site training.
    • Additional training to new users by remote access

Warranty and Shipping

  • standard warrantee
    • Covers all parts and computer.
    • Excludes Furnace tube, O ringsli>
    • Additional training to new users by remote access
  • Shipping policy
    • Shipped direct to users site
    • Incoterms CIP or DDP,
    • No hidden costs