DST1-170: Turbo-pumped desktop sputter coating system:Vac Techniche


Vac Techniche DST1-170 Turbo-Pumped Sputter Coater

With one of the smallest benchtop footprints, the vac Coat DST1-170 provide DC sputtering for high resolution SEM and TEM sample preparation.

Providing high resolution definition coatings with repeatable results due to the Auto process control, allowing easy set and operation.

The DST1-170 can also be used for general metal sputtering for optics and thin film coatings.

Sample rotation is standard, with tilt and height adjustment for most applications.


Vac Techniche also have a range of larger Turbo pumped sputter coaters with options of 1 to 3,  2″ magnetrons, RF and DC, sample heating, this range is the DST1-300 range.