A4 Copper Foil for Graphene/2D growth

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CVD Growth high purity copper foil

Copper foil for Graphene growth

Graphene Platform are commercial providers of Graphene and 2D Materials, specialising in business to research, providing consistent high-quality growth throughout the world.

Research Graphene and 2D material are synthesised using a Linear Process Chemical Vapour Deposition (PLCVD) or Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)  techniques in which a Hydrocarbon process gas is ‘cracked’ by either heat or an Induced Plasma with lower heat, during this process, the released carbon atoms/ions ( not now connected to Hydrogen) are in the correct ‘state’ to form a layer of carbon onto the surfaces of the CVD reactor. By using the right copper foil, increases the likelihood of nucleation, that is to say, carbon is more likely to locate onto the copper foil where it can attach (Van de Walls forces) onto a similar compound such as carbon.

The formation a Graphene, being a single layer of carbon atoms forming a ‘lattice’ like structure, grows as the substrate provides the right environment, during the CVD process, to allow free movement of the copper atoms to arrange themselves forming a stable lattice we know as Graphene.

One of the key factors for Graphene growth is using the right copper foil.

Graphene Platform’s copper foil has been developed to provide high rates of synthesis of graphene.

Specially treated for monolayer graphene growth, the copper foil is 0.035mm thick and a purity greater that 98.5%. The localised surface carbonation increases nucleation during CVD process facilitating growth

Our high purity copper foil is the preferred choice, used by leading commercial Graphene growth companies and research laboratories worldwide.

Planartech, CVD growth system manufacturers are one of the preferred users of this copper foil


The A4 (297mm x 210mm) sheets are sold in packets of 10.