2″ Button Heaters, Air-Vacuum-UHV 1600C

£1,400.00£2,700.00 excl VAT

Semiquip Button Heaters

2″ Button Heater range

Semiquip, having years of experience within the research and Industry sectors, have designed a range of flexible 2 inch Button Heaters.

The concept of the design is to provide a flexible approach to the problem of heating samples in a range of environments.

  • 1000°C Air/Vacuum upto
  • Upto 1600°C  Inert Atmosphere
  • Upto 1400°C High Vacuum(HV)
  • Upto 1600°C Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)

Replacement Carbon Composite Elements for your old 2″ button heaters. low cost way to keep your system and experiments on working. Short lead times, normally between 2-4 weeks. Fraction of the cost of a replacement heater.

Custom Size hot-zone can also be supplied and additional features added such as substrate holders and hardware for system integration.