Thermal CVD h-BN 2D Growth Systems

Thermal CVD h-BN Growth Systems

Planartech h-BN growth system

PlanarGROW range of Thermal CVD h-BN 2D Growth Systems, have a flexible approach to the growth of h-BN
Planartech, now over 50 systems worldwide, have installations with the key research institutions.
The planargrowth-2S-BN thermal CVD system design is a horizontal reaction tube with gas inputs, temperature control, gas flow, vacuum and pressure, writable recipe and process storage, controlled with labview allowing remote access.

The standard h-BN system, planarGROW-2S-BN, which acts as our base design providing a foundation for our customers to add their specific requirements.

The standard system can be customized to the user’s specific application requirements. h-BN can be grown from either liquid borazine or solid ammonia borane, and this system supports both precursors. In addition, the system supports dual process use for both h-BN and graphene.
Flexibility of the system design to accommodate our customers is proving to be of great benefit, allowing researchers to request additional functionalities such as:
  • liquid borazine
  • solid ammonia borane.
  • Single reaction tube.
  • Dual reaction tube.
  • Supports Graphene and TMD growth.