RF Plasma units for Sample Cleaning, Preparation and Ashing

RF Plasma Sample Cleaning: Sample Preparation: Sample Ashing

Introducing a compact Desktop sample plasma cleaning unit from Bdiscom.

Low vacuum pressure plasma treatment units are used in a variety of applications:

  • Cleaning the sample of oxides for SEM preparation
  • Sample etching
  • Sample Preparation for deposition.
  • Semiconductor plasma Ashing (removal of photoresist from etched wafers.
  • Controlled Oxygen atmosphere for reactive process.

The smaller and larger units have the following criterial

  • The RF plasma in our units is generated inside the chamber.
  • Power of the RF plasma is controllable.
  • Touch Screen control allows control of the whole process.
  • Process time is controlled.
  • Plasma intensity is controlled
  • Plasma intensity is monitored
  • Clear Door allow user to easily see when plasma is struck.
  • Large Door allows easy access.
  • Simple control tools.
  • 2.5l St.St process chamber

External pump is required