RF 750 Watt Auto Matching Network for Sputter systems

RF 750 Watt Auto Matching Network For Sputter Systems

BDISCOM RF 750 Watt Auto Matching Network is designed to work with the low-medium power RF generators (HF), having been designed to provide reliable and consistent RF generator matching for the research laboratories and industrial requirements.
The Units have been designed to make it easy to use with most know RF power supplies, having been adapted over the years to accommodate for most applications, the laboratory at BDISCOM is constantly working with researchers to provide specialist equipment that is not provided by our competitors.
BDISCOM are the right size to both accommodate modifications, they are able to accommodate most requests from both the Research, OEM and Industrial customers.
Having this flexibility, BDISCOM built long term relationships with their customers, constantly working together to reach a common goal.
One of the key advantages of the BDISCOM RF matching Units are the ability to work with BDSICOM RF power supplies.