Vacuum Chamber, vessel and component manufacturing

    St.St Chambers and vessels for Vacuum applications

    Vac Techniche is pleased to announce that a new manufacturing facility has been added to our portfolio offering extensive experience in design for manufacture.

    Vac Techniche’s Vacuum Chamber, vessel and component manufacturing facility with over 60 years combined experience in fabrication, machining and welding using high grade materials, upto date machines, leak-checking facility, all cleaned to UHV specification.

    If you have a drawing, give us a try, we are very competitive, you will find it hard to get a better service, all made here in the UK, fully cleaned and leak checked to UHV standards before leaving our factory

    Here is our customer service pledge:

    • Fast response to an enquiry.

      Vacuum chamber
      Complex multi angled vacuum chamber
    • Competitive pricing
    • Rapid turn around
    • Accurate lead times
    • High quality machining by highly experience operators
    • Vacuum Welding
    • Helium Leak checking
    • Weld burn removed.
    • Ultra High Vacuum cleaning standard.
    • Tracked delivery
    • upto date communication throughout the whole manufacturing process.
    • Totally reliable.