Let me introduce myself –

My name is Ray Whitehouse and I have worked in the vacuum industry for over 30 years.

I began at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment (RSRE) in Malvern, Worcestershire in 1978 as a Trainee Scientific Glassblower, qualifying after 5 years before moving on to become an Experimental Worker.

Over the next 2 years I gained knowledge and experience in Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), non-destruction analysis techniques and X-ray microscopy.

This led, in 1985, to working for a company in the South East involved in bespoke vacuum systems. I introduced new production control methods, co-ordinating all manufactured and purchased items, and developed a computerised programme for the company.

Ray Whitehouse, Vac Techniche Consultancy

Over the next few years, I worked as a business systems analyst, advised on cell manufacture, and wrote and implemented an MRP system. I then became involved with all aspects of chamber manufacture and leak checking.

In 2004, I moved into sales for a leading vacuum company as a technical sales advisor.

In 2008, I joined a specialist manipulation company as Global Sales Manager, and thereafter became UK Sales Manager at the beginning of 2012.

I believe my years of experience have helped me gain a knowledge and understanding of the many problems and pitfuls that can occur in the area of scientific research.

My aim with Vac Techniche is to advise and consult with you in order to find the appropriate solution for your individual needs.